Finland Online Casinos: Real Money vs Free Play

One of the best things about online casinos is that they are big on providing casino lovers with plenty of options. One such option is being able to play casino games on free play mode. This free play mode is not at all possible when you play at traditional land-based casinos – it just wouldn’t happen.

While many of us would agree that playing casino games with real money takes the experience to a whole different level of excitement, there are also perks to playing for fun without the cash rewards.

That said, when choosing for the most suitable Finland online casino for you, you might want to consider if you’re only going to play the free games, want to focus real money casino games, or would like to have the option to play both types. In any case, you can head to CasinoLista for the list of the best real money and free play casinos for Finnish players.

Additionally, you should also educate yourself on the benefits that each type of game has to offer. This way, you know each time that you’re playing in such a way that you will be getting the most out of the experience.

Differences Between Real Money Casinos and Free Play Casinos

Real Money Casinos

Real money online casinos allow you to play casino games for real money for the chance to win real money. When playing at real money casinos, you’ll be required to deposit money into your account using one of the casino site’s accepted payment methods.

You will find a variety of games that will cater to all types of budgets at real money casinos. So, whether you’re a casual low-risk player or a high roller, there is a wide array of casino games available for you to enjoy.

Playing at real money casinos will give you the opportunity to earn substantial winnings, particularly when you play progressive jackpot games where life-changing jackpots are up for grabs. In fact, there are already a lot of real money casino players turned instant millionaires, thanks to winning the real money online games.

One thing to keep in mind when playing for real money casino games is that you have to make sure you understand the rules of the games and that you have good bankroll management in place. Remember that if you lose while playing, there’s no way you can get that money back. This is exactly why every casino lover should learn how to gamble responsibly.

Free Play Casinos

Free play online casinos let you play casino games exclusively for fun without money involved. They come in all different styles, and the range of casino games on offer vary from one casino to the next.

When playing at free play casinos, you won’t be required to deposit any funds into your account. You will be able to access the games for free and will experience the fun and action of the game, although you won’t be able to enjoy real money wins.

While for some playing casino games without the cash rewards is a waste of time and are nowhere near as fun and exciting when you play for real money, playing in free mode can also be beneficial for players. They can come in handy, particularly when you run out of cash, and you still want to enjoy playing games. Some of the benefits of playing at free play casinos include:

  • Being able to play casino games for genuine fun and without the pressure of winning.
  • Allows you to test a new game before risking your own money.
  • Provides an excellent opportunity for you to practice new strategies to enhance your gambling skills without any risk involved.


Playing casino games, whether for free or real money, comes with their own benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, the choice of playing which type of games you want will depend on your preferences and what it is that you’re looking to get out of the experience.

One thing you might want to consider is finding a casino that will allow you to enjoy both options. Nevertheless, the bottom line is, you should always go with a Finnish online casino that meets your needs and provide you with no less than a fun and secure gambling experience!