4 Reasons to Start Learning English

4 Reasons to Start Learning English

The benefits of learning a new language are merely endless. Previously it was believed that if a child spoke more than one language, it would result in confusion. Science has now falsified this belief, and now we know that learning multiple languages will not only benefit you materially, it can also improve your brainpower. English is the third most spoken language in the world, and the number of people who speak this language is only expected to rise. If you don’t speak English, we’re here to give you 4 reasons why you should get started.

1.      Better Employment Opportunities

With the increase in population, the job market is getting tighter as we know it. Hence, it’s critical that we have the skills that are in demand in the job market. There is no doubt that learning English will open up numerous job opportunities for you. The English language is very much in demand for jobs in the corporate world. This language can even land you a teaching job in your own country. In case you didn’t know, having the English language on your resume actually increases your hiring potential. Furthermore, knowing more languages means that you’ll be getting paid more as well.

2.      More Travel Opportunities

The earth is currently home to over 1.5 billion people that speak English. Moreover, there are over 50 countries that speak the English language – just look at the endless travel opportunities you have. If you are fond of traveling and want to trot the globe, then immerse yourself in this language to attain the benefits. Nevertheless, if you’re a student and wish to learn this language then you can do so by making your way to an English speaking nation. If you are Mexican, you know the demand of learning English in the country, so why not viajar a Canadá desde México and get yourself help from Canadians since they are known for being kind and helpful.

3.      Boost Your Brain Power

Learning a second language is very beneficial for the brain. For one, it lowers your chances of being smitten with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Learning a new language has been shown to improve memory and enhance decision-making skills. Bilinguals have also shown to be good at multitasking, and they prove to have better cognitive abilities when compared to monolinguals. Furthermore, learning a new language is a process in its own; once you learn a new language you can quickly learn another because now you are acquainted with the process of learning languages, so the task becomes easier.

4.      More Educational Opportunities

If you decide to learn English, you should know that once this language is mastered, you have the ability to educate yourself in the thousands of institutes throughout the globe that teach in English. Enhancing your education by getting a degree will stand out on your resume and even increase your chances of getting a job. Furthermore, you could also improve your writing skills and write for local columns or do research writings for universities to stand out.

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